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About our CANDLES


Keeping it Safe.

The Mesmerizing Aromas Family not only strives to make pleasurable candles but strictly enforces standards as well. Your health matters to us! ​

Enticing aromas that have been proven to make your nose happy also need to follow health standards. Our Fragrances are known around the world because many candle makers trust the brands. This not only includes the fragrances but all the parts of the candles, from the jar to the wick, standards, and regulations are set in place to keep the great work of all candle makers safe for their customers.

All Fragrances follow IFRA Standards and are Phthalates Free

Candle Jars follow Heat Strength of Glass Containers Standard ASTM F-2179. For more details and regulations visit

We not only purchase our fragrances but we also custom mix in order to find more unique and enticing scents. Our Fragrances are proudly purchased through leading suppliers like Candle Science and  Nature Garden, visit their websites for more insight.       


For more ways to keep Safe visit our Caring for our Candles page, 

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