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                 We all are fans of Candles, whether it be for home décor, aromatherapy, or even just as a collector. We at Mesmerizing Aromas LLC. will strive to get it to market for you. Our brands now and in the future will follow safe guidelines for our customers because we know that safety for all our families, friends, and pets is important. Candle productions have changed over the years due to safety guidelines. Many candle companies have transformed the way they produce their brands, they have started to use more synthetic fragrances and natural wax resources with the help of industry-leading wholesale companies like Candle Science, Natures Garden, and Candlewic who go above and beyond just selling but also teaching, another great resource would be the National Candle Association (NCA) in this site you can find answers to more detailed question like regulations and history.

                   As you grow with Mesmerizing Aromas LLC you will find that our brands will change with the industry, we will continue to follow all safety and regulatory guidance from the industry leader. To us, our customers are the most important resource, and we will strive to keep it that way. Make sure to follow us as we continue to add products to our production line and do not hesitate to email us with product requests and recommendations, we will always appreciate you! Thank you for helping us build our brand, we will always appreciate your business.









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